• Detect an opportunity

  • Validate it

  • And only then, build it

As you consider building your own minimum viable product, let this simple rule suffice: remove any feature, process, or effort that does not contribute directly to the learning you seek. Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

Who We Are

A small but powerful core team

We are a team of people who have joined their forces to validate and build the opportunities that they detect. We have worked for big corporations and government, we also have launched our own startups. Some of us have had big exits and others have learned big lessons. Now, combining all our experience, we are working on QuickStart Ventures, an incubator to validate opportunities and launch projects from the ones that have been successfully validated through our validation framework.

We keep a small but powerful core team, with members that can bring real value to the venture and then we use external resources to buy as much time as we can.


Marketing and Design


Tech and Business


Daily Operations


Fullstack Dev


Project Leader



We are distributed team, which allows us to reach more talent and detect more opportunities.


Our validation methodology follows a lean approach, providing value with the minimal development in each phase.


Time is our more precious resource, before investing it, we evaluate if using external resources could worth investing ours.


Until the project has reached product/market fit, we use our own resources. Leaving the external capital only for fueling growth.

Our Projects

Instead of chasing unicorns we focus on building projects around unfair advantages

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Feel free to reach us out about open positions, synergies, opportunities or just to say hello. If we can help you in anything, we'll be happy to do it.

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